The brand was born together with the Ayaydın establishment in 1986. Its first store has been opened on Rumeli Street in Istanbul in 1989. Today, Ipekyol is among the most prestigious brands of women’s ready-to-wear and is especially accepted as the choice of the most successful women. IPEKYOL delights the active urban life of women with its smart style…


Twist was created in 1997 for girls and women of all ages who feel young. Twist has been widely accepted within a very short time by a large group of customers who prefer comfort in clothing and appreciate buying quality for an affordable price. With Twist's unique style which is reflected in the models, stores and advertisements, Twist inspires young women to express themselves freely and shape their own futures. Twist is the fun friend of free, urban-dwelling young women with who openly express themselves.

Mayoral is a family business with history. Nearly a century ago the grandfather, who was the founder, began manufacturing tights and socks in Malaga. Over the years and with the help of his offspring, he developed an important company in that market area. Nowadays, Mayoral is formed by a group of companies that are dedicated to the design, manufacturing and distribution of kids’ clothes and footwear to more than ten thousand clients in more than one hundred countries. The design of our the clothes combines fashion and quality as well as functionality at a reasonable price.